What's new at Norseman

Posted 9/9/2014

Worksite Spill Protection Solutions

Secondary containment berms offer an inexpensive safeguard against drips, leaks and spills in a variety of applications such as on a worksite.

Posted 9/2/2014

Innovative Drilling Site Protection

Top drive service loop covers keep cables bound together preventing hang-ups in the derrick, damage from harsh weather conditions and helps to lower repair costs.

Posted 4/8/2014

The New Arctic EconoRush Duct

The Arctic EconoRush is a lightweight duct, made from a canvas alternative fabric that delivers heat to temporary or permanent structures.

Posted 11/4/2013

Arctic Helix Announcement

The Arctic Helix is now available in 16” x 25’ size and comes with a wear strip.

Posted 11/4/2013

W-Series 10x10 Announcement

The W-Series Welding & Utility Tent offers a durable design that is able to withstand rigorous use for longer term projects on pipeline and construction sites.

Posted 8/27/2013

Innovative Hoarding and Enclosure Solutions

WeatherShield Debris Netting positions Norseman as a one-stop provider of hoarding and enclosure systems.
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