Corrugated Cardboard Bulkheads

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When shipping bulk dry products not requiring a container liner, Norseman cardboard bulkheads act as a fourth wall at the door end of the container holding your product in place. 

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    • Single piece of double wall corrugated cardboard for optimal strength - 100% recyclable.
    • Scored folds for side and bottom wings.


    • Norseman offers three cardboard bulkhead products:
      • Standard bulkhead with discharge chute.
      • Standard bulkhead with or without ties attached - cut to initiate discharge.
      • Bulkhead with extended top flap that flips up after loading, to completely enclose container - cut to initiate product discharge (Special Order Only).
    • Use in conjunction with the Norseman Engineered Bracing System or 3-4 steel bracing bars. We recommend a bar 1.66" (4.20cm)OD x .125" (3.18mm) wall minimum x 94.5" (240cm) long or equivalent shaped steel tube.
    Product # Product Code
    386774 BULKHEAD C-0001 (Cardboad Bulkhead with discharge chute)
    407419 BULKHEAD C-0006 (Standard Cardboard Bulkhead with ties)
    386886 BULKHEAD C-0003 (Extended Cardboard Bulkhead)

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    Available Files

    •   NBS 2014 (PDF)
    •   AG Liners 2014 (PDF)