Engineered Bracing System

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The patented Norseman Bracing System consists of the bracing cap, cardboard bulkhead and container liner. 

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    Norseman Engineered Bracing System is a fully engineered system for bracing containerized shipments. The system is 100% recyclable with no special disposal conditions. The Norseman Engineered Bracing System is used in conjunction with the Norseman Bulk Packaging System including Corrugated Bulkheads.

    Increased Bracing Strength:

    • This engineered bracing system allows for a 2 x 4 wood brace to be placed on it’s edge increasing bending strength by 2.25 times and resistance to deflection (stiffness) by 5.5 times than on the flat.
    • The 2 x 4 brace on edge is also significantly stronger (1.7x) and stiffer (3.5x) than a 2 x 6 on the flat.
    • The Norseman Engineered Bracing System is a viable alternative to using steel bracing bars.

    Easy One Person Installation:

    • The system eliminates the need for ties to secure the brace to the bulkhead as the cap end friction fits into the ‘U’ channel of the container self supporting the wood brace (ties may be required for tilt loading).

    Multiple Applications:

    • Any containerized bulk shipments using Norseman Corrugated Bulkheads.
    • Containerized shipments for FIBC or bagged shipments for securing other freight shipments requiring bracing at the door end.

    System Requirements & Specifications:

    • 2 x 4 lumber - #2 or better SPF.
    • Norseman Engineered Bracing System and method for cargo containers (US Patent # 8,459,916)
    • 4-6 braces required for 20ft. Containers depending on product density and load limitations.
    • Fewer braces are required for 40ft. containers.

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    Available Files

    •   NBS 2014 (PDF)



    With Norseman’s Engineered Bracing System

    An Innovative Protective Solution

    The Norseman Engineered Bracing System is simple and quick to install resulting in reduced labour costs.

    100% recyclable with no special disposal conditions.


    What is it?

    The patented and fully engineered system consists of a corrugated bulkhead, wood bracing bars and end caps. Hover over image for tool tip*

    End caps friction fit into the U channel.

    How the system can be used

    To contain dry flowable cargo in ocean containers or to brace FIBC or bagged shipments.


    How it works: Installation

    Place and install the cap on both ends of the 2x4 wood braces.

    Then you install your bulkhead, each bulkhead comes pre-marked for 4, 5 or 6 braces. Simply line up the bracing system on the corresponding printed location blocks.Hover over image for tool tip*

    The number of braces is dependent on the load/weight density and loading height.

    How it works: Installation

    The end cap friction fits into the U channel securing the bracing system.

    Start the installation of each brace at an angle and push into horizontal position. The 2x4 wood brace is placed on its edge providing a significant strength benefit.Hover over image for tool tip*

    The 2x4 brace on its edge is 1.7x stronger and 3.5x stiffer than a 2x6 on the flat.

    How it works: Installation

    Install each brace the same way until all the braces are installed. No ties are required.

    Load the container and secure the doors for shipping.Hover over image for tool tip*

    For tilt loading or loading on an incline use a cable tie to fasten the bulkhead to the bracing system.

    How do I get it?

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