Arctic DuraShield Heater Duct

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The name says it all. Designed to stay flexible in extreme sub-zero temperatures, The Arctic DuraShield is a high strength and durable duct that provides heat delivery to temporary and permanent structures. The highly portable Arctic DuraShield offers greater efficiency in cold weather applications.

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    Product Benefits


    • Designed for improved resistance to abrasion, flexing, tearing, and puncture.
    • Fabricated for superior resistance to chemical and flame.
    • Remains flexible in cold weather conditions.


    Product Specifications

    • Flame resistant (FR) fabric offers continuous service ratings up to 400°F/204°C.
    • Cold crack tested to -65°F/-54°C.
    • Passes FR testing CAN/ULC–S109 standard.
    • Choice of interlocking steel collars or strap and buckle attachment system to allow easy connection to heaters and other ducts.
    • Spiral wire reinforced frame prevents collapsing and supports bending.
    • Strap closure system comes standard for secure duct compression during transport and storage.
    • The Arctic DuraShield is available in 12”and 16” diameters.
    • Sold individually boxed.


    Disclaimer: This type of heater duct is NOT recommended for VERTICAL applications. Please ask us about the Arctic Helix heater duct if you require a duct for a vertical application.

    Product # Diameter x Length
    408582 12" x 12' DuraShield w/ collar
    408589* 12" x 12' DuraShield w/ strap and buckle
    408586 12" x 25' DuraShield w/ collar  
    408593* 12" x 25' DuraShield w/ strap and buckle  
    408572 16" x 25' DuraShield w/ collar
    408573 16" x 25' DuraShield w/ strap and buckle

    *Non Stocked Items, made to order

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    Available Files

    •   Durashield 2015 (PDF)