Thermal Expansion Boxes

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Our Thermal Expansion Boxes (TEBS) are engineered to protect underground pipes from potential damage caused by thermal expansion including circumferential (hoop), longitudinal and radial stress. They are a cost effective solution for protecting underground pipes from potential damage due to soil stresses and back fill operations.

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    Product Benefits

    • Fabricated from resilient, closed cell, chemically stable and inert polyethaline foam (Ethafoam).
    • Multiple density construction with an inner core cushion, designed to yield then recover following expansion occurrence.
    • Lightweight and flexible at low temperatures for easy installation.
    • Protects pipe coatings from scrape, dent and puncture damage caused by contact with unfavourable backfill and environmental conditions.
    • Resists severe degradation caused by exposure to hydrocarbons, bitumen, crude oil and liquid natural gas.
    • Resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and common organic and polymeric soil contaminants.
    • Will not biodegrade or rot – resistant to insects, vermin and mould.
    • Performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures, resists cracking during cold weather installations.
    • Nominal pipe sizes from 1” to 42” are readily available.
    • TEBS can be customized to each customer’s specifications.


    Typical Applications

    Typical locations where TEBS protects pipes:

    • High temperature, insulated, closed hydrocarbon drain piping that is buried.
    • Buried vessels – installed around the vessel heads to protect from deformation due to thermal expansion into the soil.
    • Around piping that is buried and connected to nozzles in order to reduce the nozzle loads.
    • Used at multiple locations where unrestrained pipe undergoes a directional bend, rises out of the ground or has a union (tie-in) with another pipe or fitting.

    As part of our commitment to helping our customers make informed decisions, we offer a Lunch and Learn program about our Thermal Expansion Box (TEB) pipeline solution. The Lunch and Learn program is available to organizations, in Canada and selected US states, working on buried pipeline design and installation.


    Norseman will come to your place of work to present comprehensive information about Thermal Expansion Boxes to your team and answer any questions you might have. We will even supply the lunch! The presentation will educate your team on the benefits of using TEBs and provide detailed information on applications and design.


    Presentation Overview:


    • Understanding thermal expansion and stress on pipelines
    • Compare options for protecting pipelines from thermal expansion
    • Review advantages of using Norseman TEBs to protect pipelines
    • Provide an overview of the applications where TEBs can be used
    • Review design guidelines for TEB applications
    • Review sample application and detail TEB drawings
    • Overview of the TEB design and fabrication process
    • Past projects where TEBs have been successfully used


    Who Should Attend?


    • Pipeline Engineers
    • Stress Engineers
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Pipeline Specialists
    • Pipeline Project Managers
    • Pipeline Product Managers
    • Pipeline Consultants
    • Pipeline Technologist
    • Pipeline Construction Managers
    • Pipeline Production Engineers
    • Pipeline Procurement Managers
    • Pipeline Integrity Coordinators


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    Available Files

    •   TEBS 2015 (PDF)