Manhole Covers

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Highly durable vinyl cover used to prevent gases from escaping and to keep contaminants out of sewer systems.

    Product Benefits

    • Effective temporary solution to stop debris from entering sewer systems during plant shutdowns and/or new construction site developments.
    • Helps to prevent gases found in sewer systems from entering the environment.
    • Manufactured in bright yellow fabric for maximum visibility and safety for workers.
    • Water resistant material allows for reuse.

    Product Specifications

    • Available in two styles:
      - Round with silica sand filled perimeters and carry handles.
      - Flat with a 5/8” rope in the perimeter.
    • Fabricated from heavy duty, 18 oz vinyl.
    • Custom sizes available to meet site requirements.
    Product # Size
    387613 40" Round, roped hem
    387614 36" diameter round, sand filled