Rig Enclosures

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All-weather protection for Rig sites anywhere.

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    • Minimal ground preparation and no footings or foundations are required.
    • Steel frames and fabric covers can be easily dismantled and compactly shipped.
    • Designed to meet the most rigorous snow and wind load requirements and to accommodate a wide variety of door sizes, styles and locations.
    • Designed and built to last for years under the most demanding conditions.
    • We've built structures & enclosures for temperatures ranging from -70ºC (-94ºF) up to 50ºC (122ºF), and for winds of 280 kph (175 mph).
    • Norseman design and manufacturing incorporates many user friendly innovations including:
      • Pin & Pocket design eliminates the use of nuts and bolts.
      • "Rig Hooks" at the top of windwalls.
      • Unique web and ratchet design to enclose open substructures.

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    Available Files

    •   Rig Enclosures (PDF)