Top Drive Service Loop Cover

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Reduces cable stress and prevents hang ups.

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    • Covers are made with either: 
      • Arctic-HypreneTM for cold weather climates. Fabric remains flexible beyond -55oF (-48oC).
      • Reinforced Ballistic Nylon (1600 denier) for strength and durability.
    • Velcro® brand hook and loop fasteners used for longevity and improved adhesion.
    • Yellow tie down webbing rated at 10,000 lb break strength.
    • Locking carabineers’ help to securely hold cover in place.
    • Turned and sewn edges to prevent nylon fray.

    Product Benefits

    • Keeps loops bound together preventing hang-ups in the derrick or damage from harsh weather conditions.
    • Reduces stress on cables in service loops which can help to lower maintenance costs.
    • Helps to lower repair costs and down time associated with service loop damage.
    • Versatile construction allows for the loop cover to be opened, cables inspected, and refastened.
    • Four standard sizes and configurations are stocked and available on demand. Custom covers are also available.
    • Easy to install.
    Product # Product Configurations
    412283 Ballistic Nylon Cover 55' length x 10" diameter
    412284 Ballistic Nylon Cover 75' length x 10" diameter
    412285 Arctic Hyprene™ Cover 55' length x 10" diameter
    412286 Arctic Hyprene™ Cover 75' length x 10" diameter


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    Available Files

    •   Top Drive Service Loop Cover 2015 (PDF)