Whisper SP450 / SC250

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Whisper’s laboratory tested noise reduction and physical properties provide a sound acoustical solution for rigorous commercial and industrial applications.

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    Product Benefits

    • Low to mid-frequency noise control
    • Membrane noise absorption
    • Resistant to water, humidity, and most chemicals
    • Meets fire-test and smoke-test response characteristics
    • Lightweight, easy to cut, non-fibrous, safe to handle, washable, and recyclable

    Possible Applications

    • Ceiling baffles
    • Office partitions
    • Compressor/generator enclosures
    • Marine engine bay noise absorber
    • Exterior HVAC noise suppression
    • Pump stations / drilling rigs
    • Kennels
    • Gun ranges
    • Recycling centers
    • Swimming pools / leisure centers
    • Gravel crush plants
    • Marine / boat engine rooms

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    Available Files

    •   Acoustic Panels (PDF)
    •   Enclosures (PDF)
    •   Sell Sheet (PDF)
    •   Tech Specs (PDF)