Containment Liners
Containment Liners


When containment is a must, you can count on Norseman Containment Liners to do the job. We offer a variety of liners, for 20' and 40' ocean containers, to accommodate the kinds of things you don’t want leaking such as wet hides, caustic or contaminated materials. Containment liners also contain spillage from products such as contaminated soil, shredded metal, corroded products and more. They provide a protective barrier between the product and the container, preventing leaks or contaminants from compromising the shipping container.

Norseman’s Containment liners are available in three grades – all are fabricated with welded seams for added leak protection.

  • Norseman’s most popular containment liner. Durable coated 25 mil woven poly floor, welded to 14 mil liner walls.

  • Compact packaging for reduced freight and storage costs.

  • Economical single felt floor liner.

  • 20 mil woven poly floor topped with a felt layer to absorb/ contain brine, minimize forklift slippage, punctures and tears.

  • Total floor thickness including felt 40 mil liner.

  • Norseman’s elite containment liner.

  • Double layered floor lined with an additional felt layer for ultimate strength and unsurpassed protection.

  • 11 mil floor beneath a 20 mil floor topped with a felt layer to absorb/contain brine, minimize forklift slippage, punctures and tears.

  • Total floor thickness including felt 50 mil liner.

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Division: Containzerized Shipping Solutions
Product Number Product Name Size Base Thickness Felt Bottom
Dura Liner 20' 25mil No
Dura Liner 40' 25mil No
Max Liner 20' 40 mil Yes- Single Layer
Max Liner 40' 40 mil Yes - Single Layer
Tuff Liner 20' 50 mil Yes - Double Layer
Tuff Liner 40' 50 mil Yes - Double Layer


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