Centre of Excellence for Fabric and Foam based protective gear.

Our purpose & values help us achieve our vision - to become a center of excellence for fabric and foam based protective gear. It is a pillar across all of our branches and teams that makes us constantly strive to learn more and improve our business in every facet.

Right People. Right Product. Enabling High-Performance Industries.


We are a team of 175 Fiercely Reliable™ Gear Specialists. Our expertise spans from coast to coast; each of our branches and distribution centers has its own unique design, engineering and manufacturing expertise, and extensive knowledge of superior industrial fabrics and foams. These unique talents and specialties contribute to our collective excellence.

To Norseman, being a center of excellence means mastering every part of creating high-performance gear. We believe the gear you choose should be built to last, made with the best material for the job using innovative manufacturing practices with the highest quality management processes.


Materials: Knowing that we have access to the best foam & fabric materials to manufacture Norseman gear.

Experience: Having the expertise to know how to apply those materials for the needs of our customers to give them the best performance. Being master craftspeople - how to finish and fix those materials so that they are built to last.

Innovation: Continuously innovating our manufacturing practices to stay ahead of our customers’ needs and making our gear even more durable and versatile through:

Manufacturing: Developing the best technology while creating new manufacturing processes & techniques

Reliable: Living our Fiercely Reliable™ mandate to support our customers throughout their experience with Norseman. Ultimately, it means making sure we have the right people with the right skills to make the best gear for our customers.

We are Fabric Experts. We use materials that perform, from suppliers we trust.

There are so many fabrics available in the market. We are experts because we understand the properties that our fabrics need to have in order to do their job reliably. 

There are key factors that will determine the best fabric for the job:

Durability: Different materials react differently to their environment. We listen to our customers and we know that their harsh environments each require a different solution. By thinking about weave and weight, we can decide which material will outlast and outperform for each application.

Temperature rating: Our customers need gear that can perform in extreme temperatures. Often our gear is the first line of defence against the heat or cold, so we need to make our gear with flexibility and structural integrity in mind, making sure performance is consistent in a range of temperatures.

Special features: Finding fabrics that have varying FR-ratings, are resistant to environmental hazards such as chemicals, mildew, mould or moisture, and don’t react negatively with other materials allows us to provide gear that truly works for our customers.

We consider the application of each piece of gear before we select the fabric. Then we select from our wide range of specialized fabrics to find the right one for the job and apply our manufacturing expertise. We have two major centers of excellence for making fabric-based gear: Edmonton and Newmarket. This gives us the ability to serve our customers from coast-to-coast, getting them what they need when they need it.

We are Foam Experts. Protecting people and products.


In 1986 the Foam Products division was created in Calgary, Alberta, allowing us to increase our support for the diverse foam industry and solidify our position as an industry leader.

Since then, we have cultivated our expertise in foam fabrication, creating standard and custom gear that protects people, products and environments across a range of conditions. Our expertise ranges across a variety of industries, from sports and recreation all the way to medical devices and technology, which has allowed us to understand the benefits and limitations of different foams on the market.

With this knowledge, we have established partnerships with the best foam suppliers in the world, and are able to make our gear with the right product for the job.


When we choose the right foam, we look at:

Density: we have foams that range in density from 1.0 lb./ft. to 9.0 lbs./ft., offering different levels of protection and flexibility based on the application.

Rigidity: our foams go from soft comfort foams, best for sports and leisure applications, all the way to rigid structural foams, which might be used in outdoor recreation products (backpacks) and the construction industry

Special properties: such as FR-rating for applications that require a vertical burn test certificate, Static Dissipative and Conductive grades for sensitive components, hypoallergenic foam grades used in cases such as the medical industry, and marine-grade foams that meet ‘SOLAS’ approval.


ISO Certified – Committed to being a center of excellence, our Langley, British Columbia Foam & Fabric manufacturing branch, is equipped with proprietary, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. In addition, the Langley facility complies with applicable sections of FDA Quality System Regulations (QSR) 21 CFR Part 820.