Fiercely Reliable is more than a tagline - it’s our promise.

Public sector projects require an additional level of care and attention to detail. Governments rely on their partners to bring their expertise, and to deliver the best solutions for the best price, often on a challenging schedule. These projects range from large scale infrastructure projects to construction and ongoing maintenance. 

Norseman is a partner that governments can trust. We have a wide range of standard products that meet different budgets and timelines, and you can trust our gear to have a long lifespan. Our Fabric and Foam experts understand how different materials impact a crew’s ability to perform quickly, efficiently, and at their very best. So we take extra care to make sure our gear considers the small details that make a big difference.

We’ve worked with government agencies and departments responsible for large-scale civic events, construction and infrastructure planning, maintenance, military applications, and custom projects that require a high level of expertise in industrial fabrics and specialty foams.