Oil and Gas

Protect your most valuable assets with confidence.

Norseman has always supported those that do the heavy lifting and hard work, and our support for the oil and gas sector spans nearly 100 years. Our gear protects your biggest assets and lets you work efficiently, safely and with consideration for your environment.

Pipelines are expensive to build and maintain and can be easily damaged by harsh weather conditions. Our cooling blankets and thermal expansion boxes keep pipelines in their place as temperatures change from extreme cold to scorching heat. Changes in temperature cause expansion and contraction, which can drastically alter the position of your pipes over time. We can help you minimize that with gear that can withstand those changes.

During different phases of the production cycle, our containment berms and other protective gear can help you move crude and other materials confidently, knowing you have flexible, portable solutions for protecting the environment and catching any overflowing product. 

Whatever stage of the cycle your plant is in, we can help you with gear that lets you perform at your best all the time.