Reclamation and Environmental

Keep your crews and the environment safe from contaminants.

Reclamation and environmental work is a sensitive business. There are many unknowns and potential dangers to your crews, your job sites, and the community around them. In these projects, you’re dealing with substances that have a variety of properties, some of which can be dangerous if they’re left behind or if the community is exposed.

For Environmental & Reclamation projects, we’ve got gear that protects. We help you contain debris, chemicals, and liquids so that they don’t contaminate the environment and you can safely transport and dispose of them. Our gear can also protect your crew, job sites, and equipment from dangerous chemicals and materials.

Safety is our number one priority at Norseman. We take it seriously, and we know our customers do too. That’s why we use reliable industrial fabrics and foams that we can depend on. Our attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship means we’re manufacturing gear with strong seams and unique features that let you perform at your best.