Rental Companies

Rental gear works hard - ours works even harder.

Rental companies rely on dependable gear that can outlast the rest. You’re looking for gear that is built to last, that looks as good on its hundredth use as it did on its first. That’s where you can rely on Norseman to help.

We’ve worked with rental companies across North America and have learned about the challenges they face: limited storage space, constant transportation of rental gear from site to site, and quick turnarounds between rentals. That’s why we’ve crafted our gear to include minor details that go unnoticed, but deliver big results.

Our specialty fabrics have superior tear resistance, and reinforced wear strips make them even more durable when dragged across rugged surfaces. The coated polyethylene fabrics we use for our portable temporary ducts stay white through long term exposure to harsh UV rays and can be easily pressure washed and cleaned, leaving them looking brand new. Our unique storage straps and carry sacks make our gear easy to pack up and maximize storage space. We’ve taken care of all the small details that make a big difference.