Sports and Recreation

Gear that balances your comfort and safety.

Norseman’s gear for sports, recreation and leisure combines the best of our expertise in industrial fabrics and specialty foams. Using the best materials, we can make custom gear that is comfortable, will last from season to season, and can be easily stored and transported.

We make recreational tents and other leisure equipment using water-repellant duck canvas and manufactured with special features to keep you warm and comfortable on long trips. We think about your entire experience and how we can make your gear versatile for unexpected changes in weather conditions or uncomfortable surfaces.

Our specialty foams have been used for camp & recreational mats as well as custom applications to make kayaks, boats and other recreational sports equipment more comfortable for long-term use. Using our advanced foam fabrication capabilities, we can customize seats and backrests with your logo or a custom cutout, making your equipment stand out among your competitors.

Trust us to come up with the best solution, using our wide range of specialty materials combined with our expertise in manufacturing and quality management.