Working in water presents a whole new set of challenges.

Our gear maintains its peak performance in marine environments. Our Fabric and Foam experts know which materials have the right properties to perform at their best in the water.

Norseman has access to a large selection of high-performance foams, including brands that are almost exclusively available to us. We consider the density and porousness of foam when we select one for your project; we even carry special marine-grade foams that meet SOLAS approval. We also give special consideration to how our craftsmanship holds up in rough waters over long periods of time, from the type of coating we use on our fabrics to how well we reinforce our stitching. We make sure that we create a protective barrier between you and the water.

Being out in the water is risky if you don’t have the right gear. We want you to be confident about what you’ve got with you and know that we’ve got your back.