Norseman Agricultural Container Liners are fabricated using coated, woven material that provides maximum durability. They transform standard intermodal ocean containers into dry, contaminant-free bulk transportation systems for agricultural products including grains, malt, barley, soybeans, seeds, meal and other pulse products. We offer a wide range of customization options to suit your requirements, including custom loading and discharge ports to accommodate all types of loading equipment. 

Chemical and Resin

Chemical Resin

Norseman’s Chemical and Resin Liners quickly convert standard intermodal containers into self-contained transport systems for bulk shipping flowable granular products such as resins, fertilizers, and similar products. Our liners feature welded seams that ensure nothing gets in or out, keeping your shipment safe and contaminate free.



When safe containment is a must, you can count on Norseman Containment Liners to do the job. We offer a variety of liners, for 20' and 40' ocean containers, to accommodate the kinds of things you don’t want leaking such as wet hides, caustic or contaminated materials. They provide a protective barrier between the product and the container, preventing contaminants from leaking into the shipping container, ocean vessel, or rail car.

Norseman’s Containment Liners are available in three grades – all are fabricated with welded seams for added leak protection.

Bulkheads System


Simple to install. Excellent performance. Our Corrugated Cardboard Bulkheads and the Norseman Bracing System (NBS) are cost-effective containment wall solutions, used to restrain dry flowable bulk commodities such as peas, lentils, soybeans, malt, barley and other bulk grains. They act as a fourth wall at the door end of the container to hold the product in place.

Nordic Dry Desiccant

Nordic Dry Desiccants

Non toxic. Eco-friendly. Sustainable.

Our Nordic Dry Desiccants are 100% recyclable, non-toxic solution for the protection of your containerized goods from moisture-related issues and container rain during ocean/intermodal freight shipments.