Industrial Fabric Solutions


Design-Build Manufactured Products

Design-Build Manufactured Products

With four Canadian manufacturing locations specializing in protective solutions, technical design, material selection and lean manufacturing processes, Norseman is your one-stop supplier for industrial fabric solutions. We understand each project can be unique and demand custom protective solution to meet your business requirements, and that’s why as “The Problem Solvers” we work with you from start to finish in providing you design-build manufactured products.

Equipment Protection | Drilling Rig Enclosure

Equipment Protection

Norseman's Drilling Rig and Aggregate Enclosure Systems provide protection from the elements, reduce equipment noise and contain dust emissions, creating a better environment for those on and near the worksite while improving safety, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. Because the needs of each project and piece of equipment are different, we can custom design an enclosure system in a size and fabric that fits the unique needs of your project.

Shelters and Utility Tents | Site-Pro W-Series Heavy Duty Tent

Shelters and Utility Tents

Whether you’re looking for portability, durability, weather resistance or all of the above, we have you covered with our range of heavy duty or light duty Welding and Utility Tents, modern and functional Wall Tents, and Building Covers and End-Wall Panels for semi or fully enclosed shelter. We’ve taken into account some of the biggest challenges faced in extreme temperatures, and responded with tough, easy setup tents and temporary shelter solutions to protect people in virtually any environment or condition.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Active jobsites are subject to a lot of disruption and contamination, depending on the type of work being done. Our environmental protection gear protects sites from debris and external materials and ensures that any dust, debris or chemicals are contained within the site and away from the surroundings.

Industrial Products | Divider Curtains

Industrial Products

This range of gear protects your crews, equipment, building structures and jobsite from the elements and creates a better working environment for those on and near the worksite. Our industry-leading industrial products can help improve safety, reduce downtime and maximize productivity.


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